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The month of Septemebr has been a rather eventful one in the annals of not just Automan, but also in the automotive world in general. our team has been on the ball as usual and this month’s tally of road tests and reviews brings to the fore our pre-eminence as Oman’s only car magazine, its best automotive resource and our being on par or better than any car magazine in the region.

During August we also went through a major revamp of our website, loading it with content that is quite simply the best. With video, in-depth analysis and a 24×7 approach to keeping the website current and refreshed, is slowly but surely becoming the choice for many readers from both within Oman and from outside the region.

 This month we have some really special stories, focussing largely on coupes and cabrios. With the Camaro Convertible, BMW 6 Cabrio and Porsche Cayman R, you would think that this issue was already packed. But we also have previews of the Bentley GTC and have run a four page overview of almost every car in the market that fits into the bill as a coupe or cabrio.

In the broader sense, the Frankfurt motorshow has served as a backdrop for some interesting news relating to cross investment. First of all the Volkswagen – Suzuki deal is getting to look more like a messy divorce than anything. In the tie-up as originally envisaged, VW would get access to the lower cost small car platforms that Suzuki are expert in, while Suzuki gained in terms of new technology. If the VW boss now thinks that the company has grown enough by way of strategic tie-ups and acquisition, it sounds like a case of sour grapes.

Another new ‘exclusive’ car company was to start up with the show. Eterniti Motors and its launch turned out to under-deliver. This is no new car manufacturer. It is more a tuner with ambitions that exceed its ability to deliver.

Of course the show also had its fair share of exciting new and revamped models – even if some of them were only at the concept stage. BMW is going big time with its i platform, just as VW has finally gone mainstream with the UP. A sign of the times perhaps when the latest and coolest are not necessarily the largest or most powerful. One brand that is going up in the product scene is KIA with its GT. We have gone public with our impression that the newly registered model name of Veredus is what the GT will finally be called.

Like we have been doing throughout this year, our Car of the Year campaign is gong well and we will bring you the shortlist next month. Till then, Happy Motoring.

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