Almost there…

There is an image that appears quite frequently in popular literature, of a driver on his way to a destination with his wife and children in the car and the kids chanting “Are we there yet?” You’ve no doubt seen the cartoons and felt the same when your children do it. In a sense, the reason we touch on this is because at Automan, we are almost there. No, not at a destination but a landmark – and that’s of our 100th issue.

Make sure you get it.

However, replace the kids with a few billion denizens of the planet we know as Earth and the driver with the collective leadership and the question takes on a significantly deeper meaning. Buried in the simplicity of the query is the art of knowing the relevance of the query, implying a movement towards a goal. This time it is the public at large asking whether world leaders are in control of the economic situation and whether they know where we are headed and at what speed? When will the globe reach the landmark of prosperity for the large majority of human beings? And when will we stop suffering because of uncontrolled greed?

Change the scene a bit and the kids could be the American worker asking his bosses and the US Government whether they are any closer to an understanding of what went wrong and how will they protect his job?

Oddly enough the image is also broad and encompassing enough to allow a switch of roles whereby President Obama and the law makers are on the back seat, asking the Detroit chieftains whether they have any idea about where the industry is headed? Perhaps someone should have a handy road map available.

One intrinsic fact that we learn from our recorded history is that the human spirit will not allow us to stay down as a race. This hiccup will be overcome and forgotten and the lessons that are so vital for our survival in the challenges of of the 21st century will be lost in the next gold rush, or the next major boom. We’ll flounder again and wonder why no one saw it coming?

Perhaps, what the world needs more than anything is to listen to the guys in the back seat. You may think you have the steering wheel, but the kick in the back is needed once in a while to tell you to get to the destination a bit faster.


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